With a full range of High-Speed Internet packages to fit your needs, GC Wifi does not have monthly data caps, so you can enjoy unlimited downloads and streaming media!

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Additional Services



Get dedicated static IP address for your device and make it accessible for anyone on the Internet.



  • Analog VoIP Adaptor at $60
  • Yealink W52 Cordless Phone at $175
  • Setup Fee at $20

Add our carrier-class VoIP home phone service to your account and be able to talk all you want to anyone within the Continental US 48 States and Canada. Make a choice of ordering our Analog Phone Adaptor or a Yealink w52 IP Cordless Phone. Either item will be shipped to you pre-configured and activated, so all you have to do is plug it in and start talking. Also enjoy all the features available such as Call-Waiting, Caller ID, 3-Way Conference Calling, Voicemail, and more. Also, each line is configure to be able to automatically receive faxes and email them to an email address that you designate.



  • $5 / Month + A One-Time $50 Network Setup Fee

Our Managed Router Service includes a Business Pro Series router with WiFi, configured for your home or business network. We ensure that all of the services you require are available and functional. We also monitor and maintain your router’s configuration and make sure that your router always up to date with the latest firmware available. Should anything happen to your router and it needs to be replaced, this service will provide you with a replacement at no additional charge for the hardware or the configuration. There is a minimum 12-month commitment, and once completed, the router is yours to keep.